Eric Dugan, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of 3D Capital Management, Introducing 3D Hedged Equity

3D Hedged Equity

Does your portfolio have anything that specifically seeks profits from stock market declines?

The stock market is typically the biggest risk in an investor's portfolio. Investors deserve to have it defended and protected every day. With 3D Hedged Equity, stock market investors can now stay invested over the long-term while also having the problem of stock market losses actively defended and managed in the short-term.

Who 3D Hedged Equity Is For

Volatility in the market has caused investors to rethink their asset allocation. Diversification is essential, but you still need to protect “the eggs” in your stock market “basket.”
3D Hedged Equity was built for investors with a long-term horizon and low tolerance for capital losses.

How 3D Hedged Equity Works

3D Capital was founded to protect and defend stock market investors from intraday market declines. The 3D systems manage and defend your equity portfolio every day. Our real-time data driven process uses rules-based strategies based on decades of data and statistically significant patterns that are:

  • logical (they have to make sense)
  • symmetrical (they have to work for buying and selling)
  • persistent (they have to work through multiple market cycles and volatility regimes).
3D Investment Methodology Diagram

Missing the Worst Days Matters More

Those familiar with the adage, “Time in the market is more important than timing the market,” can see in this chart that this is only half of the picture.

Missing the worst days in the stock market matters more than missing the best. The market often takes the stairs up and the elevator down. With 3D Hedged Equity, our clients can now benefit from the market's ups while also seeking profits and actively defending the downs.

Missing the Worse Days in the S&P 500

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The stock market will move up and down forever; being prepared for both outcomes is necessary.