Our Expertise and Exclusive Focus is Managing Stock Market Risk for Our Clients

Daily Dynamic Defense in the S&P 500

Stock Market Declines:
Are Your Investments Prepared?

Stock market investors are taught to be patient, think long-term, and tolerate losses during market declines. For many investors, the pain of losing money is greater than the joy of gaining it.

To leverage stock market rallies while protecting you from market declines, we’ve developed a unique investment program called 3D Hedged Equity that:

  • seeks returns similar to the S&P 500 but with less risk
  • seeks to significantly reduce your risk from short-term losses
  • actively manages intraday declines in the S&P 500
3D Hedged Equity vs. Long-Short Equity Benchmark
* 3D Hedged Equity is comprised of actual 3D Defender and actual S&P 500 returns. This combination is a hypothetical example. Please see our disclaimer.

Top Reasons Investors Choose Us

Learn how we’re different from other investment firms.


Managing stock market risk is our expertise and main focus. We have seen the best and worst of times for the stock market, and for over a decade, our firm has profited and beat the stock market during most market declines.

Top Rated

We’ve been a regular contributor on Bloomberg TV, featured in Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, and Modern Trader, and have won a number of CTA and Stock Trading awards since 2015.

We’re Unique

We manage and defend our client’s equity portfolio’s every day and generate our returns from stock market declines and when investor’s need it the most.

Daily Liquidity

It is your money. You should be able to access it when necessary. Each of our clients can. And so should you.


You deserve to know how your money is being invested. In your account you can see every transaction that we do.

Investor Control

Since it’s your money, you remain in control. We invest on your behalf and have no access to your funds. We manage your accounts according to the investment program of your choice.

Meet Our Team

We have nearly a century of combined investment experience in developing risk-mitigating equity market strategies, as well as managing money for multi-billion dollar firms.
Eric Dugan

Eric Dugan

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Tom O'Donnell

Thomas O'Donnell III

Principal & Managing Director

Philip Babine

Philip Babine

Portfolio Manager, Trader

Who We Serve

Our Unique Approach Helps Many Types of Investment Firms

High Net Worth Investors

HNW investors who are:

  • Tired of losing when the market tanks
  • Told by their advisor to tolerate losses as a solution and that nothing can be done except to ride it out
  • Instructed to protect their equity portfolio by diversifying and buying defensive stocks, gold, bonds, or bitcoin


Advisors who are true Fiduciaries looking for a proven solution to stock market declines and want to help their clients:

  • Preserve their stock market gains
  • Prepare for bull and bear markets and
  • Invest in the stock market with less downside volatility

Long-Short Equity Funds

L/S Equity Funds looking for an industry leading expert with a long history and live track record of outperforming its peers and:

  • Generating short side alpha
  • Profiting from stock market weakness
  • Beating the S&P 500 in down markets


Foundations that:

  • have buy and hold exposure
  • are looking for equity risk mitigating investment strategies
  • desire an investment management firm that takes great pride in managing risk and defending and protecting its clients

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If you manage risk in your clients' portfolios and have nothing that specifically seeks to profit from stock market declines, we'd love to speak with you. Please get in touch with us.

The stock market will move up and down forever; being prepared for both outcomes is necessary.